action - accomplishing market penetration!

Marketing & Sales Resources

The potential is high, but your resources are low? Acquiring new customers is a tough job and needs to be done again and again and again! To increase your sales & marketing activities and fill up your pipeline, acquinterion offers support as YOUR! additional and flexible resource, part-time or project related!

TeleSales & Marketing Specialist

  • to identify new prospects!
  • to get in touch with the real decision makers!
  • to generate more leads!
  • to drive sales campaigns!
  • to evaluate your market potential!

Sales Engineer

  • to increase the number of visits!
  • to sell your products by value and not by price!
  • to increase the number of Up- and Cross-Selling chances!
  • to cover an area in case of illness or dismissal!
  • to sell solutions instead of commodity!

Sales & Marketing Executive

  • to develop new industries!
  • to build up strategic networks!
  • to manage your partners and distributors abroad!


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Sales Management, Key Account Management, Area Sales, Partner Management, Project Manager

In particular at the operational level, we take care of:

  • Project-related establishment and expansion of sales structures and related processes!
  • Implementation of sales campaigns e.g. Introduction of new products!
  • Technical Sales: Needs development, application clarification and product presentation!
  • Increase customer presence, number of customer visits!
  • Support of sales partners and distributors at home and abroad!


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