intelligence - identifying tomorrow's needs!

Market Intelligence

Markets, Potentials, Customer Needs, Product Optimization, Strategy

Discover new markets, analyze potentials, capture customer needs, optimize products and develop suitable strategies - acquinterion supports you with:

    • Collection and qualification of market and competition data!
    • Identification of customer needs and significant trends!
    • Optimize your product portfolio for defined target groups!


    We also work out, check and analyze:

    • Potentials, Competitive Situation and relevant Key Customers in promised markets!
    • Sales, Market Entry and Growth Strategies, including the modeling of possible scenarios (War Gaming)!
    • Possible risks due to changing competition and market situations!


    We would be pleased to show you how you can open up new potentials and competitive advantages with "more intelligence"!

    Trade Fair Monitoring

    Customer Satisfaction, Competitive Analysis, Consulting Quality, Customer Orientation, Costs per Lead

    A fair is the ideal place to get in contact with a large number of potential customers in a short time. This makes it all the more important to leave a professional impression regarding consulting quality and solution competence, but also to obtain feedback and evaluate the fair to a wide variety of criteria.

    acquinterion provides you with the most important information about your company and competitors and will coach your staff regarding advisory quality and customer orientation - so that your next trade fair will be even more professional and successful!


    Do you already know ACQUIZLE - our professional solution for trade fair monitoring?