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Sales and Marketing Network

Market Expansion, Trade Fairs, Network, Lead Generation, Industry Reports

In the course of globalization, one has to "be fast" in opening up new markets! As a member of our sales and marketing network, you benefit from:

  • Worldwide organization and organization of trade fairs, forums and workshops!
  • Provision of tools and services for the lead generation and marketing of your products!
  • Continuous qualification of new prospective customers
  • Industry Reports, news, analysis and information exchange on market developments and competitors!
  • Network for the development of new market segments!


Would you like to become a member of our Sales and Marketing Network? We will be pleased to provide you with detailed information about our offer!

Industrial Representation

Presence, Solving Skills, Market Knowledge, Customer Proximity, Trust

To open up own subsidiaries, especially in foreign countries, is not only cost intensive, but also sometimes very risky. When companies think about expanding into new markets, in most cases a local distributor is chosen to attempt the market entry. This strategy seems to be easy to handle, at less costs and manageable risks, but often does not work well for both parties, the agent and the principal!

acquinterion takes over the Industrial Representation at home and abroad for companies in the fields of Automation (IoT), Industrial Metrology, Medical Industries, Machine Components and Laboratory Instruments. However, our approach is less like that one of a "classic" Industrial Representation, but rather more comparable with "your own" subsidiary. In contrast to the cooperation with locally resident distributors, you have access to your "local" resources at any time and can control them!

acquinterion, your partner for Sales and Marketing at home and abroad!

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