mQuest® developed by cluetec GmbH!

mQuest® is the ideal tool for mobile surveys. No matter when, where, or why - mQuest® supplies the right question for every answer!


mQuest® Direct Response

"Direct Response" - the fastest way to professional customer feedback!

With mQuest®, valuable insights from customer surveys can be gained. Due to the widespread availability of smartphones and the increasing quality of the mobile Internet, this routine makes it possible to capture customer feedback directly at the point of sale or, more precisely, in the "moment of truth"!

Whether a face-to-face interview at the fair, or a survey at the point of sale - with the mobile offline survey software mQuest® one is ideally equipped for all types of modern data acquisition. Simple questionnaire creation, intuitive operation and precise evaluation - this is mQuest®!

Simple questionnaire creation - proven and intuitive - the QuestEditor!

With the QuestEditor, mQuest® provides the right tool for simple questionnaire creation and processing. The extensive mQuest® manual as well as sample questionnaires make it easy to get started!

Offline survey and collect - anywhere and at any time - 100% independent!

The mobile offline survey software mQuest® is offline in its entirety. Surveys of all kinds can be carried out without an existing WLAN or mobile connection. With native iOS and Android support, mQuest® is optimized for all popular smartphones and tablets.


mQuest® Data Collector

Market intelligence - capture, process and evaluate data - anywhere, anytime!

Versatile features and the customizable structure of mQuest® enable you to capture any data, f.e. competitor informations, product news, or customer feedback, to your personalized dashboard and / or custom software solutions, such as CRM, Market Intelligence Platforms, and more.

High performance standards, intuitive usability and secure stability ensure a reliable transmission of data of all kinds.


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