ACQUIZLE is the ideal solution for analyzing your trade fair success! ACQUIZLE contains a tailor-made package of product catalog, lead management and a customer survey routine, including tracking and reporting!


Product Catalog

Your product catalog, which is based on catalogsapp®, is ideally suited to showcase your new products professionally at any trade fair!

Even complex products are presented self-explanatoried. In addition to pictures and texts, pdf documents and videos can be integrated as media content. The simple menu structure from chapters and pages allows the direct use by visitors.

The Apple iPad optimized routine is the perfect eyecatcher and is used in conjunction with your exhibits as an easy-to-use information tool. Visitors can "browse without obligation". An integrated tracking system is used to track which pages have been viewed most frequently, and which products have attracted the most visitors.


Lead Management

The mQuest®-based lead management routine enables the collection and processing of contact data and customer requests. Trade fair reports can thus be recorded and be proceeded fully automatically, business cards can be taken as a photo, or additionally converted to text via OCR.

Follow-up activities such as a "thank you for your visit" by email to the customer and the sending of the desired information material are initiated immediately after the customer talk and thus not only facilitate the trade fair analysis but also leave a lasting professional impression to your visitors!

The optional Direct Request routine allows visitors to send you inquiries directly! This is done by scanning a special QR code attached to your exhibits! In this case, the desired information is sent to the customer after handing over his contact data, which are processed in return!


Customer Survey

The mobile offline survey software mQuest® is offline in its entirety. Surveys of all kinds can be carried out without an existing WLAN or mobile connection. With native iOS and Android support, mQuest® is optimized for all popular smartphones and tablets. Thus, valuable information about your products, the outside perception of your company, degree of familiarity, etc. can be easily captured!



The online reporting tool QuestReport can be used to retrieve and check the current status of all leads (mQuest® Lead Management, Direct Request), surveys (mQuest® Survey) and product views in your catalog (catalogueapp®). The data will be made available to you after the trade fair is finished as an Excel-File!


If you would like to know more about ACQUIZLE and our services, please do not hesitate to contact us!