acquinterion specializes in sales and marketing development in the capital goods industry!

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acquinterion® sales and marketing network

In the course of globalization, it means "to be fast"! But it is not always worth opening up markets alone!
Our solution: the acquinterion ® sales and marketing network!

As a member you benefit from:

  • Worldwide organization and realization of fairs, forums and workshops!
  • Provision of Tools & Services for lead generation and marketing of your products!
  • Industry reports, analyzes and information exchange on market developments and competitors!
  • Partner network to open up new markets!
  • Continuous qualification of new potential customers!


Industrial Representation (domestic and abroad)

presence, market knowledge, customer proximity, solution competence, trust

Own offices, in particular to operate abroad, is not only cost-intensive for many companies, but under certain circumstances also very risky. As a rule, market entry then takes place via local trading partners - but often with only moderate success for both partners!

For companies in the fields of automation, Metrology, Medical Technology, Machine Components and Laboratory Equipment, acquinterion takes over the representation in Germany or abroad. Especially in our focus are countries in the EU, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

In contrast to independent distributors, with us you have a partner that actively promotes the sales and marketing of your products and ensures that your customers will be satisfied!


Operational Sales

Sales Management, Key Account and Project Management, Area Sales, Partner Support

You are looking for additional marketing and sales resources?

acquinterion will support you here:

  • Establishment of sales structures and implementation of customer oriented processes!
  • Implementation of sales campaigns, e.g. Introduction of new products!
  • Technical Sales: Demand development, application clarification and product presentation!
  • Increasing presence at customers, and the number of customer visits!
  • Support of sales partners and distributors in Germany and abroad!


Customer Acquisition

cold calling, needs analysis, buying center, potentials, leads

How do you attract new customers when resources are lacking, or when own sales reps would be too costly?

Our team of experienced, tech-savvy Sales Specialists and Marketeers can support you here:

  • Identification of prospects and generation of new leads!
  • Analysis of current / future needs and achievable potential!
  • Establishing contact with decision-makers!
  • Back-office support (eg sending documents, make appointments, etc.)!
  • Conducting dedicated marketing activities (eg invitation to fairs, webinars, etc.)!


Marketing Content

technical documentation, catalogs, business cards, brochures, digital content

Creativity, but first of all technical understanding, is a prerequisite for an understandable and successful customer approach in the capital goods industry - especially if you operate internationally. Our marketing team specializes in the creation of:

  • Technical data sheets and documents (f.e. catalogs, operating instructions)
  • Corporate brochures, flyers, business cards
  • Marketing Content for Websites and Apps

in German, English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and other languages.


Markets, Customers and Competitors Monitoring

potential, competition, product optimization, market entry and growth strategies

Capturing market and competitive data, analyzing potentials, identifying customer needs, optimizing products and developing suitable strategies - acquinterion provides you with the necessary information!

We collect, qualify and analyze for you:

  • Data and information on potential, competitors and relevant key customers!
  • Customer needs, customer satisfaction, significant trends!
  • Optimization of your product portfolio for defined target groups!
  • Sales, market entry and growth strategies, modeling of possible scenarios!
  • Possible risks due to changed competitive situations and market developments!


Trade Fair Success

visitor and competitor analysis, customer orientation, consulting quality, lead conversion rate

A trade fair is the perfect place to get in touch with a large number of potential customers in a short time. It is therefore all the more important not only to leave a professional impression with your customers in terms of quality of advice and solution competence, but also to gain as much market information as possible and to evaluate the fair according to a wide variety of criteria!

Industry-experienced, acquinterion provides you with the key facts! We analyze your booth, visitors (movement pattern, product interest, LCR) and competitors (f.e. technology, new products, etc.) and coach your staff in terms of communication and customer orientation - so that your next trade fair appearance will be even more professional and successful!


Let us know how we can support you improving your sales performance!

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