ideas, intelligence - dynamics - excellence - acquisition - synergy

... are the quintessence which help our customers to stand against the competition and acquire new potential to drive their business toward sustainable growth:


intelligence - identifying tomorrow's needs!

Always in focus of markets, customers and competitors?

As an industry-experienced service provider, acquinterion provides you with the decisive figures, data, facts!

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dynamics - driving customer relationships!

More time for your customers?

Sales, Marketing and Technical Service will become "digitally more efficient" with our "dynamics solutions"!

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excellence - empower your potential!

Searching for the Secret of Success?

In the acquinterion "academy" you will find our range of coachings, workshops and seminars! We are happy to develop an individual "excellence" concept for your company!

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acquisition - accomplishing market penetration!

Wanting more projects?

Use acquinterion as an additional sales resource! Our quota for lead generation and new customer acquisition is above average! Why it is like that? Find out!

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synergy - speed up global expansion!

Exploring new markets?

For companies in the fields of Automation, Metrology, Medical Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Laboratory Equipment, acquinterion takes over the representation in Germany and abroad!

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