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How to improve your sales efficiency with mQuest ACQUIZLE!

Data Intelligence - collect, process and evaluate leads and other data anywhere, anytime!

The customizable structure of mQuest ACQUIZLE makes it easy to capture any type of data that is important to your business through a variety of built-in features (such as image capture, code scanner, heatmap). Informations about your competitors, customer feedback, leads, or service reporting can be intuitively tracked and forwarded to your personalized dashboard and / or related software solutions such as CRM, Market Intelligence platforms, and more!

From the first customer contact, through the quoting, to the after-sales service, each process can be structured and automated with the help of easy-to-create questionnaires and forms, with the aim that every opportunity is used optimally!


Present your product portfolio in a high professional way!

The product presentation is an integral part of the sales process. mQuest CATALOGUEAPP allows professional, multimedia presentation of products and services on the Apple iPad. Variety of information can be found in the mQuest CATALOGUEAPP with the help of completely offline marketing content (including 3D animations, augmented reality, video, texts, images, PDF files), impressive and easily understandable for the customer. be integrated into the sales pitch - the interaction with the customer is maximized - the sales process is structured.

The often limited time frame for customer discussions is thus used optimally and the present is better remembered. This is particularly helpful in technical industries, as the product can not always be demonstrated to the customer in a "real" way.

In addition, mQuest CATALOGUEAPP allows users to directly record and process contact reports, perform customer surveys, or even configure complex products using optional integrated routines.

Via an integrated interface, the import of marketing content from existing PIM systems is directly possible. Alternatively, a browser-based user interface is available for data management.


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