NEOSEVEN® developed by NEO7EVEN GmbH!

NEOSEVEN®: Marketing Redefined!

Uniquely simple and efficient: NEOSEVEN® is the unique media production system which unites media production, web-to-print and marketing management on one platform via an intuitive mind-map user interface. Multi-channel publishing across all media: With NEOSEVEN® companies, agencies, brands and service providers control their communication and marketing processes across all media channels and beyond: From Print to Web and Mobile Solutions. Uniformly, quickly and consistently.

NEOSEVEN® – the centre point of your marketing communication: Our intuitive mind-map user interface makes it possible for you to unbelievably easily handle complex media content and create structures intuitively comprehensible at a glance. A media production system which allows your marketing to take off.

NEOSEVEN® will support you everywhere you have to create CI compliant advertising in a short period of time which is precisely targeted and of top quality. Now and in the future – with NEOSEVEN® you will be able to meet every challenge: Worldwide, national and regional. Owing to the modular structure of our software solution, we always provide you precisely with what you need for your successful marketing management: A powerful solution for high-performing media production. Marketing duties are greatly simplified, coordination processes are optimised and the media production from A to Z is facilitated.

NEOSEVEN® will facilitate your daily work immensely. That makes your media production fun and easy!


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